1SecurityNY develops and markets alarm systems and all types of intruder detectors for use outdoors and in home and businesses.

Outdoor use detectors

we offer Outdoor/Indoor dual technology intrusion detector that combines 2 independent PIR detection zones for increased reliability, plus microwave sensor.

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* Dual Technology: 2 x PIR sensors plus Microwave sensor.
* Flexible installation height, between 1 ~2 meters.
* Pet immune.
* Anti-masking.
* Selectable horizontal detection angle 1200, 1050, 900.
* Waterproof and all weather resistance.
* Remote controlled: Detector settings can also be controlled by Remote Control (option).
* Anti-vandalism sensor (Shock & Vibration).
* Bracket-free mounting, Multi-directional: Aiming is done within the detector. Internal unit rotates horizontally 180 degrees.
* AutoNight Detection Range: detection range can be automatically changed to a different re-programmed detection range at night (darkness).
* Tone indication will be heard during any detection event.
* DVR/Camera Trigger.
* Front and back TAMPER switch.

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Detection reliability

OUT-SMART is an Outdoor/Indoor dual technology intrusion detector, which maximizes movement detection reliability by combining two independent PIR detection zones and a microwave sensor. The Upper PIR detection zone is parallel to the ground while the Lower PIR detection zone is diagonal. Both Upper and Lower PIR detection zone sensitivity levels can be adjusted separately. OUT-SMART will alert only if both PIR detection zones and the supportive microwave radiation are crossed at the same time.

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Waterproof and all weather resistance

Thanks to its state-of-the-art design, OUT-SMART is waterproof and all weather resistance.


Remote controlled

Detector settings can also be controlled by an optional Remote Control: * PIR detection sensitivity of each sensor separately. * Microwave detection sensitivity. * Anti-masking sensitivity and also entering the Study mode. * Auto Night Detection mode. * DVR/Camera Trigger. * LED indicators. * Tone indication. * Anti-vandalism sensor (Shock & Vibration). * Relay logic (N.C. / N.O.) and activation time.

Bracket-free mounting, Multi-directional

Aiming is done within the detector. The internal unit rotates horizontally 180 degrees, as shown in the motion picture below.

Out-Smart Rotates