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Outdoor/Indoor intrusion detector with curtain field-of-view PIR sensor + Microwave sensor + Anti-masking + Waterproof.

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CURTAIN creates a super narrow protective screen of 3° (like a curtain) to secure openings and open fields against intruders. This type of protection allows free movement of people within the protected site- without setting off an alarm.

CURTAIN is waterproof and can be installed outdoors or indoors. In addition to an unprecedented amazing and reliable detection capability, CURTAIN is equipped with excellent protection against any attempt to disable its operation by blocking (masking) its near field-of-view, whether the alarm system is Armed or Disarmed (Anti-masking protection). The protection against masking the near field-of-view of the detector is achieved by a continuous active infrared beams scan.

CURTAIN will detect almost any type of material that blocks (masks) its near field-of-view. It will also detect transparent objects such as clear glass and plastic bags. It will activate an alert even if its lens was sprayed with paint or covered by a sticker. CURTAIN-PM combines two detection technologies- Microwave and Passive Infrared (PIR), and verifies any intrusion by both methods. An advanced and unique algorithm enables it to work in the most difficult environmental conditions and where high security is required, while maintaining unprecedented immunity to false alarms.

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Creates a super narrow protective screen of 3°. Combines PIR & Microwave technology (CURTAIN-PM). Masking protected (Anti-masking) by active infrared beams. Selectable PIR detection sensitivity. Selectable Microwave detection sensitivity (CURTAIN-PM). Selectable detection technology combination: AND/OR (CURTAIN-PM). Memory latched input. Waterproof and all-weather resistant. Extremely reliable & highly immune to false alarms. Auto temperature compensation. Automatic adaptation to background noise. A/D signal analyzer Powerful Microprocessor controlled. SPC - Smart Processing Controller. Two "Optomos" relays for lifetime operation. 90° Mounting bracket (provided).