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Now and then you’ve got a wonderful possibility to buy inexpensive car video cameras dvr recorder here. Save you money, save your car. If your video camera for the car is not supplied by data storage device just try right in your own car video recorder. It can store the data in many ways. Convenient slots for data keeping gadgets will help you to store and use information with the further transmitting wherever you want. The modern world demands the fresh decisions in security everywhere. Your road will be unsafe without a video camera for car. Your witnesses of any accident will lie if your automobile still is not supplied by a video recorder. Car isn’t a safe place for driving if you think of uselessness of video recorder in car. In Queens NYC one can find wide range of car video cameras dvr recorder for any purposes. Our firm has a lot of thankful clients who use in their cars video cameras with dvr recorders. Some models have additional features which can be provide by your demand. Digital Videorecorder is an electronical device and has embedded operating system, processor and harddrive. You can control it by a special operational system. Every item from variety of our car video recorder is LAN accessible. Though digital video images are compressed they don’t lose high fidelity if made with the help of car video cameras dvr recorder. Every model works with multicolour or monochromic images.

 The wide range of video car recorder available in our store in Queens NYC are characterized by following features:
• Functionality (simplex,triplex, pentaplex)
• Large numbers of videoports;
• Integrated speed recording;
• High definition;
• Compression type;
• Large data volume up to rerecording;
• Portable data storage input option;
• Dynamics input option;
• IP-videorecorder input option;