What is CCTV?


CCTV or closed-circuit television typically refers to a security and video surveillance monitoring system. The single unit of CCTV security systems consists of one or number of surveillance cameras, digital video recorder (DVR), monitor and other CCTV equipment connected to the same network. Video surveillance systems possessing a wide range of computable functions, such as continuous monitoring of controlled zones at any time, the detection of motion in protected areas, the accumulation of data and it comparison to the archive, etc. Installation of a CCTV security system is the main and most effective way to ensure security and safeness that are our primary concerns in life.

What are the main advantages of CCTV installation?

In today’s world, whether it is an apartment or private house is becoming impossible to live without conducting security surveillance. One of the primary advantages of CCTV systems, while operating 24hours a day and 7 days a week, is helping timely detect and prevent a wrongdoing. It is hard to find business or government facility without a need for a video surveillance. The video surveillance systems are useful for many reasons. For example, you can monitor your home at the distance. How can we ensure the security and safety of our homes whether we are travelling or sleeping at night? Home security technologies can help to deter criminal activity in your house. CCTV security monitoring systems are especially important for those who have small children or relatives who require special care. Implementing safety measures will not only protect your property and keep your family safety, but also will give you a peace of mind. The surveillance camera in the office will help you to monitor employees at the time when you are not at work. Video surveillance is a proven method for prevention from theft, vandalism and shoplifting. This is an investment to make.

CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems


Assembling number of the devices with different functions will ensure an automatic processing and analysis of video data gathering through surveillance cameras. One of the options of security and video surveillance monitoring systems installation is analog CCTV cameras, digital video recorder (DVR) and monitor. This is the most common type of indoor and outdoor security camera systems. The protected area is established by the analog video cameras which set control of a certain zone. Through the CCTV camera connection cables the image is transferring to the connected digital video recorder (DVR). The digital video recorder (DVR) can transmit images to the connected monitor directly from the camera. IP CCTV also known as internet protocol closed-circuit television monitoring systems are one of the newest and perspective trends in security systems. IP cameras, video servers and video recorders are in use for mounting video surveillance systems for the large or small facilities. IP surveillance cameras are indispensable in controlling and monitoring remote locations. Capture and real-time transmission of images to IP cameras comes through the network, allowing authorized users in local and remote mode to store and manage video data over the standard network infrastructure based on IP. The images data can be stored in the computer on your facility or on the server. To store images in the remote locations eliminates the risk to destroy the data. Network cameras also can automatically send images to the host computer or host computer itself can retrieve images from your IP cameras. Using CCTV software developed for IP cameras and video servers will provide the smooth functioning of the monitoring system. In addition to security functions, network cameras can be the best solution for your business. For example, you may do virtual exhibitions on your website or conduct a video conference. IP cameras are often surpassing analog cameras because of the number of additional functions. Just to name a few: greater ease of use, better quality of images, recording and playing data simultaneously and compressing function for better storage of the images..

What are the CCTV Installation Cost

It is important to keep in mind; the cost of surveillance systems equipment and installation depends on the quality of signal you need, how many cameras will be connected, what is your control zone, archive capacity for storing data and many other factors.