At last a lot of problems are solved in many ways due to almost a decade functioning of Closed Circuit Television CCTV! Surveillance as well as monitoring can be easily held now in the most distant areas without your presence either in public places such as casinos, megastores, banks or the hardest to reach for a human being environment – industrial plants, tunnels, wild nature. The following equipment has broad sphere of usage: from crime prevention up to chemical or nuclear processing supervision. These up-to-date devices become popular day after day not only because of providing security, functional technology design, available software, easy and fast maintains, high resolution, but also a line of features able to compete with the most complex miniature spy devices. Easy setup for scheduled recording times will free your time. And their self-explanatory interface allows you to save the recordings to any of common data storage items - USB external hard drives, USB flash drives, or do the direct network transmissions of captured video through the drives attached to the LAN. The software supports different OS. The set includes a mouse and a remote control.

The system includes the following features:

- Standard H.264 video compression format

- 16-bit True Color semi-transparent graphical menu interface

- It supports a variety of recording modes: timed, manual, motion detection, and alarm recording

- Has optimized 4-channel simultaneous playback

- Supports a variety of backup options(mobile hard drive, USB drive, network attached storage, etc.)

- Two USB ports: one USB 1.1 port for included mouse, one USB 2.0 port for data backup

- Multi-functional operation: playback, simultaneous recording, monitor, network transmission and system configuration.