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Protect Your Home & Business with a Wireless Security System

High-End Surveillance Cameras, Networking, Motion Detectors, Audio Installation & More ...

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We are the NY City's leading security solution provider.

high-end video surveillance security systems, which include both indoor and outdoor video surveillance.

We work closely with manufacturers around the world to bring you the best quality at the most competitive prices.

Security and Video Surveillance

We produce products that increase the safety, security, and productivity of workers, facilities, and systems around the world.

Security Intercoms

Introducing the easiest and most affordable way to bring entertainment, convenience and security into your home.

Security Surveillance

1SecurityNY offers a large variety of high-quality equipment to bring you cutting-edge solutions.

1SecurityNY - NY City's leading security solution provider.

We are a fast growing company specializing in CCTV and it has become on of the most outstanding players in the industry. 1SecurityNY is one of New York City's leading security solution providers. 1SecurityNY provides a variety of technological security solutions for the residential, commercial and government sectors throughout the New York Metro area. 1SecurityNY is capable of providing both new security system installation services and has the ability to repair and troubleshoot existing faulty systems. 1SecurityNY custom tailors security solutions for your specific needs as each home and/or business require a different type of security solution whether it be an intercom, alarm system, security camera, CCTV, or an integrated security system. 1SecurityNY utilizes only top of the line brand name equipment and licensed technicians to ensure superior service and peace of mind.

Our Services:
  • Security & Video Surveillance
  • Intercom Systems
  • Access Management & Control
  • Alarm Systems
  • Telecom & Data
  • Electronic Locks
  • Motion Detectors



Security Surveillance

Many security problems start for homes, businesses and government installations when no one is watching. Security and video surveillance systems, known as closed-circuit television (CCTV), consist of a camera, digital video recorder (DVR), and monitor. 1SecurityNY offers a large variety of high-quality equipment to bring you cutting-edge solutions.

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Telecom & Data

1SecurityNY specializes in low voltage, infrastructure cabling, audio/video, telecom and data solutions that improve the way you communicate and do business. Our experts stay on top of developments in this swift-moving area to bring you state-of-the-art designs and the latest equipment for your needs.

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Audio Installation

Car Security Installation

1SecurityNY offers a wide variety of Car Security Installation that is manufactured by top producers of security equipments. These security gears are equipped with the latest anti-theft features such as status control for door locks, sliding door and door pins and so much more. Not only it is an easy to install it is also perfectly compatible with any car brands.

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Motion Detectors

Wireless Motion Detectors

1SecurityNY is the number-one expert in motion detectors and was the first to surprise the international security market with the tiniest anti-masking detector in the world. 1SecurityNY supplies its products even to other manufacturers and competitors that appreciate high quality and reliability.

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We offer Outdoor/Indoor intrusion detector, combined Double PIR & Microwave technology, Anti-masking (by active Infrared beams), Pet immune and waterproof. GUARD is virtually the most advanced and reliable outdoor / indoor motion detector ever presented, for industrial, commercial and residential security

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Outdoor use detectors futures:

We offer Outdoor/Indoor dual technology intrusion detector that combines 2 independent PIR detection zones for increased reliability, plus microwave sensor. OUT-SMART is an Outdoor/Indoor dual technology intrusion detector, which maximizes movement detection reliability by combining two independent PIR detection zones and a microwave sensor. The Upper PIR detection zone is parallel to the ground while the Lower PIR detection zone is diagonal. Both Upper and Lower PIR detection zone sensitivity levels can be adjusted separately. OUT-SMART will alert only if both PIR detection zones and the supportive microwave radiation are crossed at the same time.

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out door smart futures:

Anti-vandalism sensor: shock & vibration. Anti-case-shifting, by inertial switch that alerts if someone shifts, moves or turns the detector.

Auto Night Detection

An option enabling the detection range to be automatically changed to a different re-programmed detection range at night.

Tone indication

An option to set a tone (sound) that will be heard during any detection event.

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DVR/Camera Trigger

1SecurityNY is the number-one expert in motion detectors and was the first to surprise the international security market with the tiniest anti-masking detector in the world.

Anti-masking detectors

Outdoor/Indoor intrusion detector with curtain field-of-view PIR sensor + Microwave sensor + Anti-masking + Waterproof.

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3D3-D ANTI-MASK consists of two synchronized sensors in order to provide higher level of movement detection plus further immunity to false alarms. By means of the two synchronized sensors it creates three-dimensional imaging of the protected area. The received analog signals from each sensor are converted to digital signals and processed by a powerful microprocessor. 3-D ANTI-MASK ensures excellent protection against any attempt to disable its operation by blocking (masking) its near field-of-view, whether the alarm system is Armed or Disarmed. 3-D ANTI-MASK will detect any type of masking material, including transparent - that is even if the lens was sprayed with paint or covered by a sticker. The protection against masking achieved by a continuous scan of infrared beams.

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ANTI-MASKING Double Sensor P.I.R. Detector

3D (three dimensional) thermal imaging, by synchronized double sensors.


Masking protected, by active infrared beams. Selectable PIR detection sensitivity. Selectable Masking detection sensitivity.

led indicators:

Two LED indicators: Red = Movement detection. Green = Masking detection.


anti mask scatch